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May. 17th, 2016

Long time....

I just realized it is freaking long time I posted last thing here >_< I still visit livejournal from time to time but not much.
I use much more often other platforms and can't keep up with updating here.

Now you can find me active on following sites:
Please feel free to visit ;)

And my blog (but it is mainly in Czech language):

The main reason is that I don't write anymore...not really. And somehow that what I associate livejournal in my head with. Though I used it for lot more things.
Though..I'm somehow trying to create my own world with my own characters but it's mostly not through writing but I got BJD (dolls) and so I create photostories.

I also started to draw again more actively.
So I drew some pictures of my OC's.

Inktober - OC Freya by kvickaInktober - Freya by kvickaFu*k off by kvicka

AND....I got my own drawing tablet about month ago and I totally love it *.*
These are few first things that I drew ^.^

(You can find them on my deviantArt ;) )

Sep. 22nd, 2011

..but I won't stop hope...

I didn't post anything for long time...and I'm not happy that my post right now is about such thing....

Sorry for followng text...but it has to go out of me...(sorry to everyone who has another opinion or so...It's just how I feel)


FUCK!!!! What happened with all my favourite J-rock bands?
All went to shit or disbanded...... WHY?
We lost D'espairsRay...I don't want to rather talking about what happened with Girugämesh's music some time ago...nor Dir en grey satisfied me completly with their new album (Kyo stopped singing and everything sounds like big noise...) and I'm afraid what will come...

AND NOW........


All after Aoi said he is disguisted with Vocaloid because it's not real music....because it's made by program!

SO WHY??? WHY Gazette's new album sounds so synthetic and almost all Ruki's voices are distroyed with some computer program???? Why we are not allowed to hear clear that beautiful voice, I fell in love so desperately for....(no growling no synthetic....)

I wish this will never happen....but that moment is probably here...there is no more the GazettE I loved....T____T But what should I do against it?..Nothing...
I hoped for something totally different from this album...I feared that album...and my worst fears came true >_<

Should I keep what I said once? "Where everything started there everything will end!"

It would mean..everything ended here...at this point when I lost them.. But it can't end...I don't want...not now...even when "my world" crumbled right now...

you created that world...and now destroyed it...but I will wait...I will wait here and hope that one day...maybe..you will return....

...I loved you most in that whole world..I fell in love with you again and again...I won't stop hope....never...
You still have place in my heart...just return there....soon...please...
...And I believe your old-self will give me enought strength to overcome this time...

"I don't want to forget to myself, I want to be as I'm" ...waiting for you forever....
for now ..."Sayonara rai rai" T_T

Apr. 18th, 2011

Red full moon

My housmate just looked out of window some minutes ago...and she saw red moon...
I had to take photo of it

It's full moon...and it's red...
Isn't it scary?


In fact our cat looks more scary xD

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Apr. 17th, 2011

the GazettE - Nameless Liberty Tokyo Dome

My exams has gone for now...so I had some time...

I just saw gaze's Tokyo Dome concert...I don't have words... ♥

eto...Am I the only one who was crying during watching instead of laughing?
And now I don't think cry with laugh or so...
I cried because I was so touched...because they are so amazing T_T ♥
I heard...my friends laughed when they saw it...I expected I will too...I didn't...
yeah...it's true...Kai snake-outfit looks terrible..Uruha outfits look more than really weird (I'm not sure which one more)...
but who care...no matter how they look...I love them for their music...for what they are...the GazettE ♥♥♥

I wish I could be there with them... (I should have robbed bank xD)
and I have such feeling I will starving from now...cause...I HAVE TO buy this DVD...don't ask me why...I have to...
(and plus last payment for "D" concert-ticket and ticket on train, Dir en grey concert-ticket, and probably plus three CDs which were in Donation action for Japan, 2 at cost of 1, on Neotokyo.... plus I should buy university mimeographed for my oncoming semestral final exams X_X)
...I'm going to die... but...I don't care xD

Thanks for being the GazettE...Love you all ♥

"I don't want to forget to myself, I want to be as I'm"

Mar. 31st, 2011

Aoi is love

Vote for Meimei

Long time no post...I know..but right now...just...

Please vote for Meimei....

Meimei is BJD owned by my friend and housmate Kitsune Miyabi
(kitsune79 )

He is in photo-contest with three photos we took...which you can see below
If you like them...please vote for all three...

(voting runs per Facebook...just click "like it" under each photo)
Links are here (click every single picture to see voting page)


 Thanks everyone for help...

Dec. 28th, 2010

Christmas presents ^.^

I have to do post about my christmas presents...xD cause I'm really happy about them.... *.*

First at all..with money I got from my grandma I bought red contact lenses *.*

Today my next presents came finally....
Two CD's...awwwwwwwwwwwwww **.**

Stacked Rubbish by the GazettE

and <3... Monsters by D'espairsRay

I'm still awaiting one more... Urobors by Dir en grey...
but under christmas tree I found also one CD ^.^
Black roses by The Rasmus

From my housemates I got wonderful presents too *.*
Pick earrings from Barča (murasakimusouka), red fishnet gloves from Meka-chan

and from Kitsu (kitsune79)..... *.* it really touched me...
it's pick with name of our band *.*

I couldn't forget...this little amazing bat *.* I got from Seli ([info]irmavep777) 

From my two former classmates and friends I got this:
Franky J did for me this handmade necklace *.* and Evík gave me evil duck..xD

My brother ([info]errornikoogive my awesome tie *.* and super cute christmas turtle *.* xD

Present which gave me my uncle took me totally by suprise <3
it's guitar strap *.*
I don't know what is written there...but who care..xD

and my aunt gave me this fan <3...I have fan-fetish..xD

I got also beautiful like plush purple bathrobe *.*
and some other cloths and lot of soaps and shampoo xD

I gave myself two/three presents but...I posted it later..xD
It's enought now..xD
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Dec. 24th, 2010

Merry Christmas

Just.... I want to wish you all Merry christmas ^.^
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Dec. 15th, 2010


My little darling died all of a sudden .... T_____T
Please...tell me somebody that it is just a bad dream...please....

what I'm fu*king supposed to do???

He was so close to me....

I'm trying to take it...but I can't....it's too hard...



Nov. 30th, 2010

Aoi is love

Fanart of Reita

Ok...here...I finished fanart of Reita...
Hm... in fact I just needed to complete all member of the GazettE... xD

(ok..I will have to draw Kai too...
cause my current art of him is no more sufficient...
but it's acceptable... so better Kai will come in future xD)

so now I forced myself to draw Reita...
(Reita is my least favourit member...
I still like him..I love all members of the GazettE...
just I don't feel at all like I want draw him..xD)

and this is a result...
I hope it isn't so bad but I know it isn't to good.

(click for whole pic)

Nov. 27th, 2010

Aoi is love

awwwwwwwwwwwww *.*

eh..it has happened again... *.* I felt in love with the GazettE.... <3

Pledge *.*

awwwwwwwwwwww Aoi is so amazing there....everyone is amazing *.* <3


awwwww and that song....**.**

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